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Date: Monday, September 27, 2021, 4:15 AM


Techers Gide for moodle

1. Moodle Login, Course creation and Student Registration

Courses are the spaces on Moodle where teachers add learning materials and activities for their students. Teachers can then add the content and re-organise them according to their own needs. The links below the image will provide more information about creating, organising and managing courses.


2. Uploading files as course material

An activity is a general name for a group of features in a Moodle course. Usually an activity is something that a student will do that interacts with other students and or the teacher.

In Moodle terminology, an Activity, such as Forums or Quizzes, properly means something students can contribute to directly, and is often contrasted to a Resources such as a File or Page, which is presented by the teacher to them. However, the term activity is sometimes for convenience also used to refer to both Activities and Resources as a group.



3. WebEx Webinar on Using SPPU Moodle

Teachers on the campus can see the video (This video is of the webinar conducted for training the teachers for Moodle and  Microsoft Technologies) 



4. SPPU Moodle Training Session

Recorded Webinar on 11_05_2020



5. Microsoft Technology Training Session

Training Session on using Microsoft Technologies for SPPU Campus Teachers



6. Interactive Learning Module (H5P) - User Manual

The Interactive video content type allows you to add interactions on top of video clips. Interactions such as images, elaborating text, links and quizzes pop up while the learner watches the video.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • When to use Interactive videos
  • How to create an Interactive video
Click bellow image for User Manual

Interactive Learning Module (H5P)

7. Using Windows and Office 2019 for creating e-Contents and Videos

8. SPPU_Moodle Training_12_08_2020